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Modern Language

In the bright, humid summer of 2013, the back room of a small house became a safe-haven from the heat of the American South. Out of this window-lit incubator emerged the orchestral band of brothers, Modern Language. With influences stemming from all six band members, the group uses their own experiences to connect with each other. From metal groups to jazz bands, the group is oriented at drawing similarities between genres to create a sound that is new, inimitable, yet seemingly nostalgic. Their heavy-hearted lyrics and catchy hooks seem to find a special niche in both South Louisiana and the indie-rock genre. With their dense guitar riffs, fluid soul-grabbing trumpet solos and places of textured, ethereal chords, the group will take your heart and use it as another instrument.

On-stage moments of unelicited head banging mirrored with spaces of clarity and intrigue have allowed Modern Language to continuously develop a sound and experience that is fresh to both ears and hearts. Forming these connections with the audience is an important aspect of the music this group writes; out of this, a voice in south Louisiana has started to rise. Due to their engaging and exhilarating live performances, Modern Language…

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