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Peter Searcy

Peter Searcy

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Peter Searcy. It’s not easy to compare the music of Peter Searcy’s youth to what he creates today. As the lead singer of hooky hardcore band Squirrel Bait while he was in high school, Peter earned an amazing accolade: Spin magazine proclaimed Peter as “the best voice in rock and roll next to Paul Westerberg.”

The aggressive energy subsided, but Peter’s attentive and personal songwriting continued, coupled with a kinder, more melodic sound. Over the next few years, Peter matured into one of the most compellingly confessional singer-songwriters working today. He produced his first record with the enigmatic Tim Patalan (The Fags), and his next with Butch Walker.

In 2006, Peter entered the studio again with producer Todd Smith (Label X) to create his first record for Toucan Cove / Universal Republic. Looking for an organic sound to match the honesty of the music, Todd rehearsed the full band live, and recorded it the same way. A classically-trained cellist, Peter incorporates the beauty of a live string section as well.

Peter will be taking to the road, bringing his music to fans in the most personal and enjoyable way possible – on…

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