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Great Book of John

The Great Book of John is a Birmingham, Alabama original who has been firmly rooted in their city’s scene and the music community at large for many years now. Their music is eminently lyrical – recalling Jeff Buckley’s psychedelic soul, Leonard Cohen’s poetic (and lacerating) wordplay, and fiery fretwork influenced as much by Stevie Ray Vaughn and David Gilmour as it is by Radiohead. Those may seem like big names to drop, but this is big music – emotional, filmic, but never pandering.
Led by Taylor Shaw, from whom the songs almost ceaselessly flow, The Great Book of John is very much a band – and a formidable one at that. Independently involved in music since their childhoods they have also worked together on projects in the past (including Birmingham’s late great Wild Sweet Orange). With vocalist Bekah Fox, bassist Alex Mitchell, and drummer Chip Kilpatrick they can conjure the sublime in any setting – with or without electricity. The band’s debut album, Yves’ Blues, was a largely acoustic affair recorded in one long session. Their second full length, The Great Book of John, was a deeply-layered production brimming with amplified crunch and a thick, somnambulant atmosphere, provided in part by…

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Concerts to close out January!

Concerts to close out January!

What better way to spend these cold winter nights than inside one of Birmingham’s cozy music venues wrapped in warm sounds? There is still a lot left to hear this month. Here are 5 that Mother recommends:

1. Dylan LeBlanc

Show Info: Workplay / Thursday 1.21

Dylan LeBlanc just dropped his latest in A Cautionary Tale after having already garnered the attention of Bruce Springsteen, Lucinda Williams, Emmy Lou Harris and being referred to, “the new  Neil Young.” A Cautionary Tale doesn’t disappoint, neither will he at WorkPlay on Thursday.

2. Great Book of John

Show Info: Rogue Tavern / 1.22

For fans of Jeff Buckley, David Gilmour or INXS, Great Book of John was once given the title as Birmingham’s greatest band by Birmingham Magazine’s readers. One of our favorites dylanywhere. Sure to become one of yours. After you see them at Rogue, head to The Nick for no. 3 below.

3. The Peach Kings

Show Info: The Nick Rocks / 1.22

The Peach Kings are the cinematic garage rock duo of Paige Wood and Steven Dies, whose sexy and relatable songs are the soundtrack for their intimate love story. For fans of The Kills and The White Stripes. The Old Paints and Deaf Poets share the stage.


Show Info: Iron City / 1.23


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