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Birmingham’s Bitter Calm Debuts LP, Good Grief

Birmingham's Bitter Calm Debuts LP, Good Grief



Good Grief, the debut album from Birmingham band Bitter Calm, is a stunning exhibition of grief, but also of the healing process that one undergoes as they make their way through the muck of life. After the dissolution of his band, the death of his father, and the end of a relationship in disturbingly quick succession, at the age of 19, lead singer, Michael Harp, rediscovered himself through familial memories and an outpouring of songs that, after four long years of tinkering and writing, made its way into an album released on AUGUST 16th

It’s a beautiful work that immediately impacts listeners with its unique blend of orchestral instrumentation and guitars so loud you feel them in your chest. I called Michael days before the album released to talk about how Bitter Calm came to be and the power of grief in art. 

I remember you playing songs from this record years ago under a different name, and most of the press on the record talks about how these songs took nearly four years to create from… [read more…]