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New Music Monday – Gabriel Tajeu

New Music Monday - Gabriel Tajeu

Birmingham’s silky smooth and mellowed out folk-rock and R&B artists Gabriel Tajeu is this New Music Monday’s featured musician. Inspired by everyone from Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Maxwell, Joni Mitchell and Elvis Costello to Ben Harper, Gabriel Tajeu’s approach to music is as diverse as his influences.

“Their lyrical sensibilty, rock and roll affect, and sometimes unpredictible song structure is something that I am trying to incorporate into my music and aspire to as a songwriter,” Tajeu says.

Featured below are songs from his first featured length album, Finding My Way, available at iTunes and Amazon.
Twitter: @gabrieltajeu
Instagram: @gabrieltajeu

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The Phil Dudley Band, Gabriel Tajeu

The Phil Dudley Band

Phil Dudley is an independent artist hailing from Columbiana, Alabama. As a third-generation musician, playing was not so much a choice as a calling, having been an integral part of his life for as long as he can remember. With influences drawing from Celtic folk, Americana, rock, and country, Phil Dudley’s music blends these influences seamlessly, incorporating the styles of many of his favorite artists such as Tom Petty, Eddie Vedder, and Loreena McKennitt to create a musical tapestry that reflects his individualistic style.

Gabriel Tajeu

Growing up playing piano, clarinet, and saxophone, Gabriel Tajeu eventually settled on the guitar as his main instrument and uses it to write most of his songs. Gabriel Tajeu is not just a writer and singer. He is also a performer, and he has developed a sense of comfort on stage as a lead singer and rhythm guitar player for a local working band, Bonus Round, based in Birmingham, Alabama. He describes his new music as R&B, folk, and rock, and after a few years of writing, arranging, and recording his solo project entitled Finding My Way, he feels like everything…

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