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Native Sons, Native Sound

Interview by Josh Matthews and Kaydee Mulvehill

Photo by Brent Thompson

Dirty Lungs grew up in Birmingham and has helped to cultivate the defining sounds at the center of the evolution of the live, local music scene. We talk to the band about their upcoming album, Look Expensive and Smile, and how it captures their dynamic, live energy that local fans have appreciated for nearly two decades. 

We’re here with Ronnie Lee Gibson, Carson Mitchell, and Ra-Jaan Parmley of the Dirty Lungs. And you guys have a new album on the horizon.

Carson: We have a new album coming out in a couple of months. We’re still trying to work out the distribution. There’s already a single out on Spotify and iTunes, Dumps like a Truck. You can check it out.

What’s the name of the album going to be?

Carson: Look Expensive and Smile. It’s a title track. I saw this Vice article about this 24-hour strip club in New York City that doesn’t close. The law there is that… [read more…]