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Editor’s Letter

Editor's Letter

When I first moved to Birmingham 15 years ago, I struggled to find local artists performing original music. If it wasn’t for Bottletree and their ability to curate local, regional, and national attractions, I probably would have moved on. Much has changed in that time. There are over twenty venues here that regularly feature original local, regional and national acts. We’ve entered a renaissance here, but where our economy, politics, and our culinary scene have been adequately covered, our music scene has not. The quality of original musicianship, in addition to the collaborative relationships and support system here, is outstanding, and our local music scene deserves recognition. This is why MusicBham is devoting three quarters of our content to local musicians, local music businesses, and local music industry leaders. 

More than any other art form, music amplifies the human experience and unifies people, and we believe that is worth sharing! The strength of our music scene is built on a culmination of many different individuals and organizations over many years of hard work and dedication, fueled by one elemental thing that we all have in common: our passion for music and the way that… [read more…]