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Kaydee Mulvehill & Zach Austin

Kaydee Mulvehill & Zach Austin

Interview: Brent Thompson

Photo: Brent Thompson

Phone interviews are the norm for a music journalist, so when you get the rare opportunity to interview artists in person, you jump at it. Recently, Birmingham Stages and MusicBham Monthly’s Brent Thompson met with Kaydee Mulvehill and Zach Austin at Southside’s Filter Coffee Parlor. During their time together, Mulvehill and Austin shared their thoughts on the local music scene and songwriting, while leaving us with a memorable John Prine quote.

BT: Kaydee and Zach, thanks for your time. From a fan’s standpoint, Birmingham’s music scene seems more vibrant and active than ever. As artists, how would you describe the city’s scene?

Zach Austin: I think our local scene is strong and solid as far as everyone working together. Everyone pretty much plays with everyone and helps everyone. It’s like a huge family.

Mulvehill: I had a band in 2006 that played until 2009. Back then, we would play The Nick. It was a great place to play, but was geared to full-band shows. Now, on the weeknights, it’s almost like a… [read more…]