Chris Simmons Band Archive

Chris Simmons Band

Rock n Roll, Blues and Southern Soul from Lacey’s Spring, AL

Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter, Chris Simmons…

“…an extraordinarily talented Alabama guitar man that will make you feel his emotion and heart in every single note.”

Twelve years after his birth in the small town of Boaz, Alabama, Chris begged his mother for his first guitar… after watching music videos on MTV.
He joined his first band at 15. At age 20, he loaded his musical gear and whatever else would fit in his van and he hit the road. For the next few years, Simmons roamed the southeast playing rock n roll and blues in bars and house parties.. anywhere they would listen. In 1997, he joined Atlanta southern rockers, “Cadillac Voodoo Choir”. While on tour in Texas with the Voodoo Choir, Chris fell in love with the musical mecca of Austin, Tx.

He made Austin his new home. There, Simmons founded his own band, “Ultrasonic”… he spent his 5 years in Texas playing legendary venues such as “The Steamboat”, “Antone’s”, “The Curtain Club”, “Trees” and the “Saxon Pub.”

Chris left Texas for the west coast.. but after a short time in Los Angeles, his heart steered him back toward his southern home. Shortly after he returned,…

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