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Floco Torres’ – The Porsche EP

Floco Torres' - The Porsche EP

Floco Torres and Shawty Slim, ft. Charles Davis, Valente Keen
Playing Secret Stages on Friday 8/5 (Rogue Tavern, 8pm)

Floco Torres’ The Porsche EP

Floco Torres is full of contradictions. Georgia has been good to the New Jersey native and he has certainly returned the Southern hospitality. After an internship opportunity in Atlanta fell through, Floco Torres found himself in Macon, where he quickly landed gigs and love from the local scene. He even became somewhat of a city spokesman, releasing his popular “Cherry Street,” a love song to Macon, in 2011. He made lemonade out of lemons. He is young, but his positive outlook seems mature. This duality is present in Floco Torres’ music, and The Porsche EP is no exception. The opening track, “Can’t Stop Me,” is braggadocios and bass-heavy, but also sincere. “87 911” is reminiscent and uplifting, while “Back Home” seems to pick up where “Cherry Street” left off. This is the track that encapsulates the best of Macon-repping Floco Torres and fair warning, the hook that sticks with you. Produced by Shawty Slim, The Porsche EP seems to explain, “This is who I am,” “This is where I’ve been,” and “This is where I’m going.” I suggest…

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