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Frank Foster

Frank Foster

Family Business

By Brent Thompson

Photo courtesy of the artist

Frank Foster’s musical style is characterized by honest lyrics and a straightforward country sound. Equally key to his story is the manner in which he has forged his career. The singer/songwriter is fiercely independent, acting as his own manager, publisher, publicist and record label owner. The formula has translated into both chart and critical success for the Louisiana native and Tennessee resident. In September 2018, Foster released ‘Til I’m Gone, his seventh album and fourth release on his label, Lone Chief Records. On FRIDAY, JULY 26, Foster will perform at IRON CITY. Recently, he spoke with us by phone from his Lynnville, Tenn. home.

Frank, you reside on a farm outside of Nashville – that setup sounds like the best of both worlds.

Yeah, man, it’s perfect. I grew up in North Louisiana, way out in the country, and I gravitate towards that kind of living. Nashville is cool, but that’s a lot of lights . 

‘Til I’m Gone, may be new to the public, but you have… [read more…]