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Editor’s Letter

Editor's Letter

By Josh Matthews

Photo by Brent Thompson

Why print? In this convoluted digital age that we live in, much is lost when there is so much information, quite literally, at our fingertips. Nothing against the use of our mobile devices, tablets or computers. I rely on them daily. But there is something special about a more tangible experience like that of a book, magazine, paper or album. It’s more memorable because it requires a slightly different energy and focus, and depending on what medium you enjoy, it can provide us with a break, or a bit of solitude, from the digital world. I look forward to those days when the new Rolling Stone shows up in my mailbox. I look forward to those nights when I can put on a record and listen to an album in its entirety while exploring the art and words within its cover. And I loved when I could pick up a Black and White at Rojo, pull up a stool to Kip’s bar, and read the music section over margarita and some tacos. 

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