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Analog on Third Welcomes Billy Corgan into Studio

Analog on Third Welcomes Billy Corgan into Studio
Written by Andy Harris for Photos courtesy of Analog on Third.


Brad White has come a long way from making primitive sounding cassette tapes of his high school band. One of his early recording techniques included placing a GE tape recorder on the other side of his bedroom door.  “The sound of our band would go through the door, and the door would be just enough of a buffer to get a decent sounding recording. I have tapes upon tapes of us recording those practices,” explained Brad. White and his wife Lea have come a long way, and together they now own and operate the Oneonta recording studio, Analog On Third. The couple had an opportunity to record Billy Corgan in mid-January for his Thirty Days project, a venture that will take him across country to record new pieces at lesser-known studios, selecting destinations by word of mouth and sharing videos of his experiences along the way. 

Brad and Lea, lifelong fans of The Smashing Pumpkins, met for the first time at Billy Corgan’s tea house, Madam Zuzu’s, in Highland Park, Illinois, the night before Corgan’s renowned solo…

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