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Baby Baby

Baby Baby

Baby Baby is from Atlanta.
“I am Fontez Brooks. I sing songs and play the guitar.”
“I am Colin Boddy. I like a good cocktail kit and yelling is fun.”
“I am Grant Wallace. I hit drums and have a thriving lawncare business.”
“I am Hsiang-Ming Wen. I slappa da bass and haven’t had a hair cut in years.”

“We play fun-rock. We’ve played it at Riotfest, Made In America, Afropunk Fest(s), Warped Tour and for Red Bull’s 30 Days In L.A. We’ve toured with Fishbone, Black Lips and some other bands worth mentioning but we won’t.”

Their new record is “Semifamous”.

Their managers say they are “a mélange of Indie, English and Swedish Punk, Bayou Rock, Vaudeville and Carnival”.  But what do they know? Sometimes upper management uses big words which we don’t understand.

Their booking agent says that they are the shit.

“We kinda believe him because he got kicked out of a show once for trying to make sure we were properly taken care of. Good Guy Gregg.”

Check out their shit here, or come see their show this Thursday, September 29, at The Syndicate Lounge at 7:00. It’s going to be the shit x4 because joining them are Creature Camp, Red Harp

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Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria

Influenced by Kurt Cobain, Miles Davis, and Fiona Apple, Adia Victoria‘s unapologetic search for self-expression is both critical and clear of normative Nashville tropes. She resets expectations for Black girls with guitars, writing dark-humored lyrics that scrape her own self-awareness against gritty gothic-blues guitar riffs. Balanced out with the inherent honesty of Appalachian twang, Adia’s voice glides with words of coarse reflection, gentle coos thick with swampy rebellion.

Rolling Stone Magazine featured Adia Victoria as one of “10 New Artists You Need to Know.” The Village Voice called her an “eerie, intriguing songwriter,” with “bone chilling guitar riffs and lyrics topped with candid scorn.” Vogue highlighted the recording artist as one of “5 Beauties Who Answer to Afropunk’s Rebellious Call.”

Adia Victoria will perform at The Syndicate Lounge with Dead Balloons and New Devils Friday, May 27th. You do not want to miss it. This New Music Monday features Adia Victoria’s Sea of Sand EP, a slice of her debut LP, Beyond the Bloodhounds, released May 13th.

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-Lindsay McDuffie

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