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Jon Byrd. Fred Dellar at MOJO Magazine proclaimed Byrd’s Auto Parts, Jon Byrd’s debut solo recording “Americana the way it was and the way it should be.” MAVERICK Magazine’s Russell Hill declared Byrd’s follow-up Down At The Well Of Wishes “Spellbinding, showcasing a true genius at work.” That same year the Grammy-nominated I Love: Tom T. Hall’s Songs Of Fox Hollow featured Jon alongside Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Bobby Bare, and Tom T. himself. So how do you follow that kind of run? By making a record the way the old Nashville outlaws did: by recording the best written songs around, even if they’re written by your best friends! Jon’s newest record ROUTE 41 hits this October and includes songs by Mando Saenz, Davis Raines, and The Wrights!

“This recording is in part a reflection of my journey up Route 41 from Atlanta to Nashville over a dozen years ago. On that trip I took some inspiring songwriters with me, or at least their songs. And of course met so many more when I arrived. A few of these writers weren’t far behind me on their own journey up Route 41. Others traveled some other stretch that got them to…

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