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102.5 The Bull presents: Kristian Bush

102.5 The Bull presents: Kristian Bush

Kristian Bush has a voice.

And after more than a dozen years as the creative yet largely silent force behind Sugarland — the Grammy, CMA and ACM Award-winning group he formed in Atlanta in 2003 — the Tennessee-born singer-songwriter is ready for you to hear it.

On his debut solo album Southern Gravity (out April 7 via Streamsound Records), that voice is undeniable.

Southern Gravity is a joyous and inspirational album, yet it was born out of tumultuous, even tragic, change. As such, it is a purging of all that Kristian has weathered since 2011 — the year that the stage rigging collapsed during a storm prior to Sugarland’s show at the Indiana State Fair. That horrific accident was the first of many challenges, both public and personal, for the heart-on-his-sleeve artist.

Over its dozen tracks, however, Southern Gravity became Kristian’s musical assurance that everything was going to be okay.

“These songs are like post-it notes that you might put around your house as inspirational reminders,” says Kristian. “I listen to them for that reason sometimes — to remind myself that no matter how hard it gets, you can make things out of the pieces that are smashed.”

It’s testament to Kristian’s gift for writing perfect country-pop hooks that Southern Gravity turned…

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