Rebecca Egeland

photo: Asif Patel

written by: Kaydee Mulvehill

Rebecca, you released a full length album in August of 2018, which is fantastic by the way! Can you tell me a little about what inspired that album?

The album was inspired by the loss of my mom back in 2013 – that’s when I first started writing songs. This album was a space to process feelings, answer questions, and unpack worries. A lot of the songs on Only the Good were an opportunity to have a conversation without actually having to speak tough words – words of grief, of remembrance, of sorrow. From the loss of Mom to processing the beginnings or ends of relationships, these songs (and all my songs) are a direct reflection of my feelings.

Any plans on releasing any new material soon?

I’ve got a few cool projects in the works, and plan to release new music next year! I’m pumped to be collaborating with some new pals & fleshing out instrumentation to have a fuller sound, which I’m pretty excited about.

What inspires you the most?

I’d say daily life, people, and relationships inspire me most. From a college friend telling me about the ups and downs of his relationship, a past lover struggling with addiction, or me spending too much time on the couch watching The Office, there’s something to write about everywhere I look & listen. I’m lucky to be on this musical journey, and I’m thankful for the people I’ve met along the way who allow me to listen.

What’s your favorite gas station snack?

Salty: Miss Vickie’s jalapeño potato chips. Sweet: M&M ice cream sandwich.

What’s your dream venue to play?

Dream venue? Wow. I would have to say Carnegie Hall or the SNL stage – two very different spaces. Both would be amazing, and I’d be at a loss for words!