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Meet entrepreneur and podcaster, Jeremy Carter. Jeremy’s passion project is called Bold Future. Bold Future is all about leadership and the entrepreneurial spirit, and features those who are turning their dreams into action. I was pleased to hear that he considered musicians as an integral part of our community for their creative drive and execution. In his 3rd episode, he interviews War Jacket’s Caleb Chancey. I met Caleb after a War Jacket show at Bottletree several years back, and have been a fan of War Jacket’s ever sense. Not only is this a GREAT interview, but it also offers some superb advice for musicians and entrepreneurs alike who are trying to get the ball rolling. This is a Podcast We Love, and this is Bold Future.

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Episode 3: The Power of Small with Caleb Chancey, Musician, Photographer, Impresario

March 16, 2015

Caleb Chancey is a musician, photographer, impresario and just all around incredible guy. In this episode, we use his music projects as a springboard to discuss how he overcomes the fear of perfection and judgement to get his ideas out into the world. Spoiler alert: it’s all about making big ideas smaller. I’ve learned a ton from him over the years, and I have no doubt you will, too

   but also is for purpose driven leaders gripped by the entrepreneurial spirit – the courageous few who don’t just dream, they do. It’s for people with a light in their eyes and a fire in their belly.

Regardless, of where you work or what you do, whether your’e a corporate employee, a startup founder, a non-profit director, or anything in between, if you are intent on making the world a better and more interesting place, Bold Future is for you.

Over time it will evolve and take on a variety of forms and mediums… a blog, a podcast, maybe a live event or a video series. It’s too early to say, but what will never change is my unwavering commitment to serve up resources that you will find valuable and worthwhile. No jargon. No B.S. Always authentic. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

Why you shouldn’t apologize for not being as good as you’re going to be

Why thinking small will actually help you accomplish big things

When it’s OK to quit and why sometimes you should

How to redefine success to help you gain momentum without getting overwhelmed

Learn more about Caleb:

Caleb Chancey Photography

Caleb on Twitter

War Jacket

Gray Haven

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Caleb and his band, War Jacket, are working on a new album. They’re raising money to finish it on IndieGoGo and are getting close to the deadline. If you connect with Caleb and his message, please support them by making a small donation here:

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