PHOTOS: The Band Camino @ ABC

On a stormy Easter Sunday, Nashville’s The Band Camino made a stop in Birmingham on their The Tour Camino with opening acts Flor and Hastings. The band’s relationship with Birmingham is well-known, and even they acknowledged how special the Magic City was by noting that both of their previous headlining tours (including their first-ever) had kicked off in Birmingham. The band’s high-energy alt-rock was a massive hit with the sold-out crowd, with hits like “2/14” and “I Think I Like You” prompting mass sing-alongs from the crowd. Unfortunately, after a day-long battle with the weather, the storms prevailed and the band was forced to cut their set short — even so, what we got from the talented group was worth the price of admission, and we can only hope that they return soon for a full show.

Photos by Hayley Mikell: