PHOTOS: Judah & the Lion @ Avondale Brewing Company

Nashville folk-pop group Judah & the Lion returned to Avondale Brewing Company last week, marking the band’s first performance in Birmingham since the legendary 2019 show was canceled due to weather, leading Judah and co. to put on an acoustic performance in the streets outside of the venue.

The ‘Happy Again’ tour marks a serious step up for the group — with enhanced production and lighting, it’s clear that the band is stepping into the major leagues despite the departure of Nate Zuercher. The crowd of 1800-strong had a marvelous time, with songs like “Dance With Ya” and “Revival” setting the concertgoers alight thanks to Judah’s infectious energy that saw the engaging frontman joining the crowd on multiple occasions. Check out our photos from contributor Evie Elkins below:

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