New Music Monday – The Solar System

Birmingham’s very own The Solar System is drummer Zach Evans and guitarist/vocalist James P. Fahy plus a rotating cast of bassists and auxiliary musicians that, together, form an elite Space Rock unit that travels the spaceways via Motorik grooves, dense guitar textures, and No Wave danger. Each Solar System gig is a unique, completely improvised happening — every twist, turn, vamp, and shout created in the moment to often thrilling results. For fans of Frank Zappa, Jazz Talons, Bob Moog, Atlantis, and early Modest Mouse.

We first heard The Solar System at Trim Tab Brewing, host of the city’s coolest new event series, The Happening, this past January. The band played alongside an improvised drum circle, led by John Scalici, set in orbit amongst local art vendors, fire dancers, aerial gymnasts, hoop performers, regular schmucks drawing mandalas with sidewalk chalk, and everyone else who came to witness these crowning few hours in Birmingham history. The Solar System’s spacey, improvised grooves, noisy rock n’ roll, and rhythmic yet erratic vocals helped identify The Happening to its listeners, its feelers.

It’s like they knew what they were doing or something.

Featured in this New Music Monday is The Solar System’s Honolulu Haircut recorded from Substrate Radio’s show, Blood on the Knobs.