Stoop Kids sound is an eclectic mix of soul, hip-hop, surf, jazz, and rock with a psychedelic aftertaste. This, combined with their high-energy, theatrical performances, makes Stoop Kids unique and unpredictable. While based in New Orleans, the band has toured extensively throughout the eastern United States over the past two years and plan to expand upon that. Their sophomore album, Already Out of Time was described as “a genre-bending masterpiece” and “an essential album of 2015.”

The group is fronted by Griffin Dean singing, rapping, dancing, playing guitar, and writing the majority of the music. He is backed by Thomas Eisenhood (Baritone Saxophone, Harmonies), Sam Fruend (Bass, Harmonies), David Paternostro (Keys, Guitar) and Joe Tontillo (Drums). The five-piece band has independently released two albums and self-booked 200 shows over the three years since their inception.

Get hip to Stoop Kids with the tried-and-true Already Out of Time, followed by their 2016 release “Quit You”. Check back here for easy access to their newest single, set to release this Friday, July 1st!

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