New Music Monday – Clyde & Steele

This New Music Monday, MusicBham features the song, “Down South, from Clyde & Steele. Clyde and Steele’s roots were started alongside the mighty Colorado River where Starkville’s Jeremy Rizer (Clyde) and Anniston’s Shaun Ray (Steele) met during at a riverside jam at a boat ramp in Grand Junction. Rizer released his debut solo album ‘First Takes and Second Guesses’ in 2015, inspiring Ray to take his shot at the writing process. ‘Fool To Your Crown’ was released by Ray in 2017, which was co-written and co-produced with Rizer. It only made sense to collaborate on an album together, so they formed Clyde and Steele. Rizer takes the reigns on most of the vocals while Ray gets to focus on lead guitar. They go together like an old Chevy and cheap beer and are proud to announce their debut album, From Afar.

Jeremy’s album:

Shaun’s album: