Moonstone Is Making Room

written by: Kaydee Mulvehill

Let’s talk about the festival first. 

Moonstone is a festival celebrating the female presence in music and art. As a festival-goer and also having booked for one, it was important for me to keep everything for this first event as minimal as possible, but also to have a solid lineup. I’m supporting a local non-profit, as well. That’s very important to me. 

Having a team- a small team of people that I’m working with on the inside of things- has been key. They are people who are familiar with or currently work in the industry. I have people close to me that are taking over the hospitality, and the vendors, and a big part, outside of the music lineup, is what we’re going to be giving visually. I have a great artist team, and they will be working on decorating festival grounds and creating installations. Visually, it’s going to look super-cool. 

I want everyone to feel welcomed. That’s what’s most important here. We’re celebrating women, music, and art, but why should that have to be necessarily a political thing? Why can’t that just be supporting women in music and art? It’s not a debate. It’s just that you support it, or you don’t. 

How did this get started? Did you see a need, or was this something on your heart?

Something was on my heart and has been. Booking for Secret Stages both this year and last year, I found that I was booking more women-representative bands and artists. There’s just a lot of heavy stuff going on right now, and I feel like women sometimes, it’s not a fair trade. I found this great page called BookMoreWomen on Instagram that highlights each festival with a picture displaying the full line up, and then you swipe, and it’s the lineup with just the women on it. That was mind-blowing to me- the fact that they are taking the time to do that for every festival- major, small, and in between

So do you see that happening a lot here in Birmingham, as far as women not being represented well? How do we make a change?

Make more space. There’s a lot of big music entities here. Make more space. Make more roles for us. It’s not to say that all women are treated unfairly. That is not what I’m saying. I’m just saying, make more room. Be a little bit more supportive. There are a lot of people in this town who fully support women. I would never want that taken out of context, but it is the truth, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I didn’t have to work harder to prove that I could do this because I did. 

If anything could happen with this festival, what would your dream be?

Aside from it being a success, did it make people happy? Did they have a good time? Also, a percentage of our sales benefit Girls Rock Birmingham. I genuinely want them to feel inspired and also help the organization get some new equipment. All in all, I would love to keep doing this every year, and I think where I am for the first year, I am very proud of the lineup. I’m very excited.

Which band that you’ve booked are you most excited about?

Warpaint. When their first EP came out, I was pretty blown away. So I’ve truly been following them since their career started, and they’ve not played here. I had only seen them once before at Bonnaroo, I think that was 2014, so I think about what their performance is going to be probably the most. But I hand-selected everyone else, so I know what they’re going to bring, too. 

Do you need volunteers? And is there anything else happening that you want us to know about?

Yes, we are working on a volunteer sheet, and we’ll have that soon. We won’t need a tremendous amount for a one-day event. 

We’re doing an official after-party at Saturn with more touring bands that aren’t on the lineup. We’re doing it like a late-night showcase, so that will be a lot of fun!