Love Moor

photo: Jaysen Michael

written by: Kaydee Mulvehill

How’s your year looking? Any new releases or shows coming up? 

Well, this year I’ve been performing a lot. I had the chance to perform at Birmingham’s first Freedom Fest alongside some legends like

Midnight Star, Musiq Soulchild, and Ruben Studdard. That was very exciting. I released one single called ‘L.’ It is available on all streaming platforms. I’m still creating in my quiet time, so newness will come one day. I’ll be performing upstairs at Avondale Brewing Co. for the Listen Local Concert Series with one my favs, Richard Daniel on October 22.

What got you started in music? Who inspired you to perform? 

Music is really in my DNA. My mother was a singer/songwriter, and my father is a musician. I would always sing. Song is my second language. I was always too nervous to ever think I could do music professionally, but with the help and support, or maybe a better word would be ‘force,’ from my friends I started to become more comfortable with singing in front of people. Fun fact: my first real platform was my living room. I would host parties at my house and sing at them.

What would you change about the music industry and why? 

I’m not super industry-focused, but I do wish people were allowed to be themselves with less scrutiny and or judgment. But I guess that’s almost a life thing, and it just is what it is. I feel like when a person feels free to create how they want, without a standard or this book to go by, they have the opportunity to be limitless.

What do you wish Birmingham knew about the hip hop, rap, RnB, scene? And how could the music community better support that scene?

It’s alive, it’s thriving, and we support each other. Birmingham has so many talented people like Ashley Sankey, Jazmine Garfield, and Richard Daniel- to name a few- that are creating on levels that you have to wonder why the rest of the world is not jumping on this wave of genuine talent. I think the music community is supporting the scene. It feels new, but the support from larger platforms like radio stations are starting to get it. I would say for the actual city to show support, it’s mad easy. Just come and support your people. Come to our shows. Buy our merch. Stream our music, and stop trying to keep us a secret. Tell a friend.

What advice would you give to young girls wanting to get involved in music?

Do it because you want to do it. Once you have a genuine love for it, you’ll have the heart to nurture it and make sure it’s at it’s best when the time comes to present it. When you love it, you’ll also have the patience to endure the times when things don’t go the way you envisioned it. Be true to what you love, because there is a ton of repletion. Don’t forget to have fun!