Meet the electronic Queen of POWERS, Christa Ru accompanied by her King Mike Del Rio. Dynamic, versatile, pleasantly unique vocals, smoking guitar sounds that run parallel with their dance heavy beats. Mike and Crista took a few minutes to sit down and chat with Mother Plug just before their Hangout 2016 performance. POWERS is a kind and inspiring band who everyone should go and listen to!

Hey Guys!

Mike: Hey!

Crista: Hello- what’s up?

So this is your first time at Hangout much less in Alabama, what do you think so far?

Mike: Yes it is!

Crista: It is pretty awesome! This is probably the best first experience to have. I mean, there are tipi’s everywhere. There’s tents, hammocks and everyone is in their bathing suits having a good time.

Mike: It’s been good vibes all around. I guess it’s that southern hospitality is kind of radiating here at the festival.

Yea, there is definitely a lot going on. I’m so glad you guys are here and about to perform! But first, let me ask you- I read on twitter the airline lost your guitar. Have they found it yet?

Mike: No, it is not here yet.

Crista: Oh gosh, no they haven’t found it yet.

So what is the plan?

Mike: I have a back up guitar that is not as cool as my main guitar. But they might swoop in at the last minute right before we play. You know a helicopter will come drop it off!

Crista: Yea we are crossing or fingers.

Mike: We are hoping for some God-given moment like that, where someone parachutes in with my guitar.


So, your name, POWERS, what does it mean? How did you guys decide that was it?

Crista: Well, we derived it from empowerment pretty much. We were listening to the music and we were like, “well it makes me feel empowered” and we threw out “empowerment,” “powerful,” and then, “POWERS!” And we were like, “wait! POWERS! That’s it man. That’s it!”

Mike: Yea, it just felt fitting to the music and we always said music feels like a powerful thing for people and kind of elevates your moments in life. So POWERS was the birth child of that.

And for our followers that don’t know of POWERS yet, what is the one thing you want to communicate or have them take away from your performance?

Crista: The energy and hopefully the music. We hope they just like the music ya know! We put a lot of love into everything and a lot of good vibes and we like to think that radiates to people and they will in turn gravitate towards us for that.

I read where you have wrote for singers like Selena Gomez and Tim McGraw- are you currently writing for anyone now?

Crista: Me personally, just working on our stuff. We have been holed up in the studio since we got back from the last tour and we have been working on finishing it. So, that has kind of been the only thing on my plate.

Mike: I’ve been finishing a couple recordings for The Knox. I worked on The Knox new record and Ex-Ambassadors, started working on their album. But POWERS is definitely the main course right now.

So when will the new album be released?

Mike: It’s looking like early fall. So like, late August, early September.

And where will it be available?

Mike: Hopefully everywhere!!

Crista: Yea, Pandora, spotify, iTunes. Anywhere you can get music.

Mike: Yea, we have a new single coming out, “Sunshine,” and that will be available on Spotify exclusively first.

Where does your inspiration come from musically? I ask because it is so much fun to watch you guys kind of hop around from vocals to guitars to a sound pad- which is that an ableton you play on or…?

Mike: We use logic, but we play ableton live. We play it live for the different format and stuff. But genre-wise, we just try to write great songs.

Crista: It’s like a collage of different genres. Good thing Mike is a producer because he has like, I don’t even know how many sound libraries and stuff from these obscure records from the 60’s and 70’s…

Mike: Yea and we use some cinema stuff, too. We are inspired by so much and we really just cherish ourselves as songwriters and that is really the most important thing is that we try to write great songs. With the production it’s our goal to make it as interesting and smart as possible.

So who would you say your favorite performer is (does not have to be your favorite artist necessarily)?

Crista: Favorite performer- you know what actually that is kind of easy. We saw Prince!


Mike: Yea, it was on my birthday too!

Crista: It was a little last minute thing. He did not publicize or advertise that he was going to be playing and a friend of ours was just driving past this venue and he said “You know what, I think they are putting Prince’s name on the marquis.” We were like, “oh my gosh! Prince is doing a surprise show!” So we got to see him perform and we were within like 12 ft of the stage…

Mike: He played for five hours!

Crista: Yea he did, and so, after experiencing a five hour set of him and his cha-cha heels, velour purple suit, big hat, turtle neck – without even breaking a sweat and hopping from instrument to instrument, dancing… I don’t think I will ever see anyone better than that really. That was spectacular!

Now where are you guys headed after Hangout?

Crista: Back to LA for a little bit to continue working on the album and then we are off to the next festival.

And what is the next festival?

Mike: Bulladora Music Festival in Dallas, then Bonnaroo and after that, Firefly.

NICE! Last, do you have any advise for any up and coming artists?

Mike: Self-awareness is the first and foremost key to anything. If you know the right questions you will get the right answers. Be kind. Trust your gut.

Crista: Yea, don’t let anyone sway you from your intuition.

Mike: Yea, your gut- that’s what makes you, YOU! That’s your fingerprint and your vision and there is no one else in the entire universe that will have your fingerprint- artistically. So be kind and be cool!