In Loving Memory

In loving memory of local music production, sound and lighting engineer and musician, the friends of Blake Loveless have set up a Go Fund Me Page to assist with arrangements and ease his family during this transition. If you’ve ever been to a concert in Birmingham, there’s a good chance that Blake touched you in some way. The passion for his work ad his oncompromising dedication to get it right at some point would have enhanced your listening experience. More importantly, he was a loving father, partner, colleague, and dear friend to so many within our community. MusicBham invites you to honor this incredible person’s life by making a small donation that will be used to assist with his arrangments and hel the family he leaves behind during this transition.

From Blake’s Go Fund Me Page:

As many of you know, Birmingham has lost a loving father, dedicated partner, and beloved local musician. Blake has touched each of us in his own way, whether through a kind word, a silly joke, or keeping a solemn promise. Blake was loved tremendously by the people that knew him, and those people in return will tremendously miss his presence. This is no truer than for Blake’s son, Isaiah, and the love of his life, Janice.

Nothing makes times of grieving and sorrow more stressful than the added difficulty of making arrangements and learning how to start over. Please take a moment and help ease the stress off a young boy who has lost his father and a young woman who has lost the love of her life.

All donations given will go to assisting Blake’s family with all arrangements necessary to see Blake is properly rocking and rolling on the other side. Any remainder left will be given to Isaiah to ease his transition.