PHEASANTS’ “Levin’s Party”

PHEASANTS –“Levin’s Party”

Treat yourself to the gorgeous, multi-layer melodies of “Levin’s Party,” the new music video from Pheasants. This unique, six-piece assemblage from New Orleans subtly excites with delicate flute, organ accents, and soft strings. The aesthetically pleasing imagery compliments the music to transport you to a springtime Blue Ridge Parkway drive donned in clothes straight out of a New Orleans version of The Great Gatsby. Don’t miss this party or the rest of their self-titled album. Songs like Garden Suite & Alabama Abraham give you a small taste of Pheasants’ versatility and potential.


You can find the Pheasants on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Degrassi.

Alan Anderson- Piano/ Organ/ Farfis, Wayne Xia-Violin/ Percussion, Robert Allen- Guitar/ Vocalist, Adrienne Edson- Musical Saw/ Flute/ Banjo/ Tin Whistle, Adam Kiel- Drums/ Guitar/ Engineer, Benjamin London- Bass/ Sonic Noise

by: Sara Jane Overby