New Orleans Suspects To Perform At Zydeco

Michelle Roche

NEW ORLEANS SUSPECTS will perform at Zydeco on Friday, October 23rd at 10:00 P.M.  Tickets are $12.00.  The venue is located at 2001 15th Ave, Birmingham, AL. For more information: or call 205-933-1032.

New Orleans Suspects is comprised of some of the best, most highly respected players in New Orleans including:  Reggie Scanlan on bass (The Radiators, Professor Longhair Band); “Mean” Willie Green on drums (Neville Bros.); Jeff Watkins on saxophone (James Brown Band, Joss Stone Band); Jake Eckert on guitar/vocals (Dirty Dozen Brass Band); and CR Gruver on keyboards and vocals (Polytoxic, Outformation).

Known for their blazing performances, the band’s live set combines original songs with hits and obscurities from the Allen Toussaint and Dr. John songbooks as well as favorites from Radiators, Neville Brothers and the Dirty Dozen repertoire.  San Diego Union Tribune called them “a rollicking blend of funk, jazz, blues, rock and vintage N’awlins R&B, designed to fill dance floors with gyrating celebrants.”

Ouroboros is the band’s third recording and the follow up to their 2012 live CD, Caught Live At The Maple Leaf.  Released in October 2014 on Louisiana Red Hot Records, Ouroboros features 10 original songs that define the band’s sound, which is one that puts their own twist on the traditions of New Orleans music–fever-inducing funk, irresistible R&B rhythms, Longhair rhumbas, dancing-in-the-street second lines, jazzy soul-drenched horns, mind-melting swamp hoodoo, and feet-don’t-fail-me-now Carnivale music– that takes the listener on a wild ride through the city’s musical history in a brand new vehicle.  The title of the recording was carefully chosen by the band.  The Ouroboros is a powerful symbol–an ancient circular icon of a serpent eating its own tail–that symbolizes cyclicality and things that begin anew as soon as they end.

Stereophile Magazine said “The all-originals album presents a band not just with chops but a musical personality. The smoking rhythm section is still there, with Green’s drums powering everything and Scanlan matching him with the most forceful bass patterns he’s ever cut, while Gruver and Eckert have emerged as fully realized vocalists and songwriters as well as players. The history of New Orleans rolls through these grooves….”

Hittin’ The Note Magazine raves“…these Suspects are freed in celebratory song all the way through Ouroboros. Their ten original songs are just that, songs. They range from the hardened, creased funk of ‘Cigarette Smile’ through the slide and horn-pumped, band-like delight of ‘Magdalena’, to the Afro-Cuban poly-rhythms of the instrumental,’“Pocketful of Grits.’ Rich in hoodoo, but joyous and wildly infectious like most anything grown in the Big Easy, every song here proves that serious players can create a whole lot of serious fun just the same.”

The Aquarian Weekly said “Each time you listen to this album you are guaranteed a temporary escape to a funky destination, one that you will never regret taking. In A Word: Transcending.”

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