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Featured Video – Citizen Zero

Featured Video - Citizen Zero
Citizen Zero
“Go (Let Me Save You)”
State of Mind
(Wind-up Records, 2016)

When done honestly, rock n’ roll can stick with you for a lifetime. It rides shotgun for the entire trip, soundtracking those big moments and memories.
Once you hear a Citizen Zero song, you remember it.
The Detroit rock outfit—Josh LeMay (vocals), Sammy Boller (lead guitar), John Dudley (drums), and Sam Collins (bass)—deliver arena-size anthems fueled by intricate musicianship on their full-length debut album, State of Mind . Striking a balance between edgy grunge attitude a la Stone Temple Pilots and bluesy alternative expanse reminiscent of Kings of Leon, their knack for a hook immediately resonated with a growing national fan base.

Today, the band arrives with their new single, “Go (Let Me Save You)” premiering exclusively on Guitar World. The song builds from an eerie melody into an overpowering refrain punctuated by an incendiary guitar lead and hypnotic vocal. “It’s actually the first song Sammy and I wrote together,” Josh remembers. “It happened right after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I was watching the news, and I couldn’t believe how the cameramen were consciously filming…

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