By Kaydee Mulvehill

Photo by Telegraph Creative

When I walked into Battle Republic for the first time, I half expected to be met by a sweaty gym coach screaming profanities at a boxer while “Eye of the Tiger” blared in the background. On the contrary, I was greeted by Leah Drury, one of the co-owners of Battle Republic, and she graciously offered me a tour. 

As she showed me around, I quickly realized this was not your average boxing gym. I quietly peeked my head into one of the classes and was struck by the atmosphere. In a darkened room, boxers stood in front of individual punching bags, while a hand-selected playlist featuring local artists such as Wilder Adkins guided them through the cool down. To quote Lindsey Miller, another one of Battle Republic’s co-owners, “Boxing can be really unapproachable. Not many people want to get hit in the face. This is neat because you still get the workout and the relief of fighting, but no one is swinging at you.” 

Once I had a chance to sit down with the team and hear more about their strategies and goals, I was amazed at the impact this small little boxing gym was making on the community. Their involvement includes efforts to host local pop-ups promoting other small businesses and putting on concerts in the lobby to push the local music scene. Brandon Snipes, one of the founding trainers at Battle Republic, is also a local musician and the owner of Four Birds Studio. He talks about drawing inspiration for his musical performances from boxing. “A lot of times when I’m in here, I picture myself as being Freddy Mercury. I think people hear the word performance and immediately think that’s shallow, but there’s got to be good emotional content for it to be effective. I think it’s the same in music and the training I do here.” 

Lindsey and Leah’s favorite thing is to hear the stories from their clients. Leah shared with me one of her most treasured testimonials. “This woman in her early forties came to us and said, ‘I feel like I’ve been a punching bag my entire life and today I punched back.’” Battle Republic’s goal is to help people get in shape, but, more importantly, to also supply individuals with the confidence they need to approach the daily battles they face in life. Their mission statement speaks for itself: “Glove up and fight on.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Battle Republic or signing up for classes, you can check out their website Also, check out their social media pages for more content.