Drake White

Drake White is an aspiring singer songwriter residing in Nashville, TN. The Hokes Bluff, Alabama native has a very different country feel with a freestyle twist on many of his original songs. He ad-libs throughout a show phrasing rhythmic lyrics as his entertaining live show unfolds. Drake frequently involves the audience in his witty craftsmanship of verbalization as well. The enthusiastic 30 year old credits many country, blues, rock, freestyle and bluegrass influences that forms his musical sound that is unique in its own way. The EMI singer/songwriter is incredibly motivated in his pursuit of creating great music and wants nothing more than to do what he loves. He is a God fearing, river rat, beach bum that loves the outdoors and expresses this love through his soulful lyrical exchanges that breeze through the listener’s ears effortlessly.

Contact Information

Website: http://www.drakewhite.com

Email: info@drakewhite.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrakeWhiteMusic/?fref=nf

Booking Information: Brett Saliba, 615.383.8787, brett.saliba@caa.com

Discography: It Feels Good (2015)

Label: Dot Records