The Dirty Lungs

If you’ve spent any time in Birmingham, Alabama, you’ve seen a Dirty Lungs sticker slapped onto¬†something. Over the past seven years, their brand of lo-fi rock ‘n roll has become as intrinsic to the Birmingham community as their branding. Though the city’s musical landscape has changed dramatically since Ra-jaan Parmely and Carson Mitchell formed the band in 2006, The Dirty Lungs are still standing– and they’re just as gritty and focused as ever, currently working on their second full-length studio album.

“…These cats are, sonically speaking, wise beyond their years, hearkening back to a brighter, more innocent era during which psych and folk and hard rock and pop all commingled in one glorious, hashish-scented scene, boundary-less.” -BLURT

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Discography: Dirty Lungs (2014)

Label: Communicating Vessels