Dead Fingers

Since 2012’s eponymous debut on Big Legal Mess Records, Dead Fingers have taken stock of the dynamic changes their lives have undergone. Kate and Taylor being first time parents has added new perspective to their road weary travelogues and broke beat folk/country/blues hybrid.
They made their way through the ranks of indie-rock reality checks both with each other and on their own. From Taylor’s earliest days as a lo-fi axe slinger shredding J. Mascis-by way of-Johnny Thunders riffage on You Know That Summer’s Coming, to his time spent touring with Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, and Kate’s lifelong tutelage in one of the most gifted musical families in the Magic City, there’s little that has missed these two. They fostered their songwriting skills through years of hard won apprenticeships and also toured extensively throughout the US and in Europe sharing the stage with Jason Isbell, Maria Taylor, and Leon Redbone.
Having added drummer Alan Rosser as a permanent fixture it seems Dead Fingers have finally settled into a life that just fits and 2014 boasts the release of the new album Big Black Dog. Produced by Bruce Watson of Fat Possum (Heartless Bastards, Water Liars, R.L. Burnside, AA Bondy), it speaks as much to their growing maturity as artists and their innate ability to put their lives squarely in the fabric of their songs.
From penning acoustic remedies for heartbroken scribes in “Pomp & Circumstance,” to the playful pretzel wordplay of “Twisted,” there’s enough existential wisdom for people twice their age to revel in- along with the standard Dead Fingers six string whiplash- to make this one of the most exciting albums in either of their respective catalogs. Big Black Dog stands as a new chapter in the careers of some of Birmingham’s most talented musicians and their struggle to find a balance between their art and home life.

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Discography: Big Black Dog (2014), Dead Fingers (2012)

Label: Communicating Vessels, PIPEANDGUN, Big Legal Mess Records, Fat Possum