Dead Balloons

Dead Balloons is a rock n’ roll trio from Birmingham, Alabama, that blends styles of jazz, punk, folk, and progressive rock into one unique sound. The group began in 2008, when vocalist Chris Seifert and drummer Sam Sanders decided to pursue music as a career- bassist Rollie Kraus joined the group soon after. The group’s sound was formed in the storage units of the Magic City they practiced in, in months spent gigging in east L.A., and in punk houses and bars across Alabama. Dead Balloons is known in their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, as one of the hardest working and most consistent acts, though their work has been done largely under-the-radar until recently. Sam Sanders’s frenetic and exact drumming and Rollie Kraus’ complex, melodic bass lines allow Chris Seifert’s compelling lyrics and his powerful, belting vocal delivery to rise through reeling guitar patterns and rhythm changes.  They will be releasing their first self-titled EP on tape February 19, 2016, followed by the release of their first full-length album at the end of March under the local Birmingham label, Step Pepper Records.

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Booking Information: Chris, 205.617.4509,

Label: Step Pepper Records