10 Times Harder, With a Purpose

By: Josh Matthews

Photo: Amplified Entertainment

Eastside Birmingham’s Matt King, aka 10STACKZ, seeks to maintain his reputation as a trendsetter on his new release, 10 Times Harder (© 2019 10STACKZ), the follow-up to the commercially successful Times 10 album. The aptly named new album is demonstrating a similar trajectory, with the hit song, “Fell in Love Wit a Freak”, garnering all kinds of play time in music venues, night clubs, and nationwide radio, including local station, 95.7 Jams. While 10 Times Harder is rooted in that old, dirty-south style, it is also unusually melodic. King’s lyrics are rough and raunchy for those guilty pleasure-seekers of hardcore rap, but they aren’t just dirty for dirty’s sake. His delivery is balanced, with a cadence and flow to rival any veteran in the game.

King first garnered national attention and commercial success with his hit single, “Drip”, for the Me vs Them (© 2016 J Bird Music Management Group) mixtape. Lyrics from “Drip” and tracks from Times 10 (© 2018 10STACKZ) have since become popularized in rap music today, establishing 10STACKZ as a possible trend-setter in the industry and purportedly making him the object of a bidding war between Motown and Capital Records. He just came off of 2019’s Qualify Control’s artist, Lil Baby New Generation Tour, and has previously opened for 8 Ball & MJG, Future, Jacquees, Twista, and Rick Ross.

10 Times Harder is not for the faint of heart, but thrill-seekers and hardcore fans need to know that there’s more to the raucous rapper, Matt King. He prides himself on calling Birmingham, the cradle of the civil rights movement, home. He is particularly devoted to Eastside, where success is elusive, and while he has laid claim to a piece of the pie, the spark for his fire and determination is his desire to give back to his community. He frequently answers this calling by ‘cleaning up’ his act to perform for local school events. He finds peace and purpose in reading to kids in schools. He regularly participates in community events and community service initiatives around the holidays. The Birmingham community is lucky to have him, and the Birmingham music scene is proud to call him one of our own.

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